Coola Mineral LipLux

Coola Suncare Mineral LipLux Review and Swatches by iliketotalkblogIt doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, I always feel like I need something on my lips. And being that I live near the beach and the sun it always shining on us, I like to keep my lips protected when I can. Lately, I’ve been reaching for Coola Mineral LipLux and only wish I had more!

Coola’s line of luxury sun and skincare products are cruelty free, and made using organic ingredients whenever possible. Not only that, they try to use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients to stay as environmentally-friendly as possible while still producing some of the very best sun protection out there today.

The Coola Mineral LipLux line has six shades of slightly tinted lip protection that offer SPF 30 broad spectrum protection. Instead of using chemical sunscreens, these use physical sunscreens like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide . The formula features over 70% organic ingredients and has the ability to soften and smooth the lips while fending off the harmful rays of the sun. I love a good lip product that’s packed with healthy butters and LipLux fits the bill with an ingredient list that includes organic Shea butter, organic Coconut oil, organic Cupuacu butter and organic Mongongo butter.

My daughter is at an age where she wants to do everything I do, so when mama puts on lip balm, little Zoe needs some too. Then we both smack our lips together to make sure it’s on, haha. It’s much cuter when she does it than when I do it. Because the color is very minimal, I don’t mind and like that we have this fun little thing we do together.

Nude Beach is the perfect “your lips but better” with a slight shade of soft pink. It imparts just enough color for me to feel put together with a little bit of foundation or tinted moisturizer and mascara. While the description on the website says this has a caramel flavor to it, I’d say it is very light and has a subtle sweetness to it.

Skinny Dip is a sheer nude – like, super sheer nude. I’d have to say after doing some googling that it must be the lightest color of the bunch and gives the lips a soft, healthy sheen. Skinny dip is said to have an Earl Gray Tea flavor which I also find to be very light and unobtrusive to those with super sensitive noses.

Coola Suncare Mineral LipLux review and swatches by iliketotalkblog

You do still need to reapply often as they aren’t like a long-lasting lipstick – but honestly who doesn’t mind swiping on a smoothing lip treatment several times a day. I’ll swipe all day long!

I definitely think that I might have to add a couple more colors to my collection since I enjoy them so much, like Summer Crush (a deep pink) and Tan line (a coral shade).

Each tube retails for $18 and can be purchased online directly from the Coola website or through ULTA. To find out more about how awesome the brand Coola is, you can visit their Facebook or Instagram page and drool over their products with me!

Caudalie Vine Body Luxury Set

caudalie vine luxury set

**products purchased by myself**

It doesn’t matter that I’m in sunny southern California, winter weather can always wreak havoc on my skin making it drier than you’d think.  Staying indoors with the heater cranking and dry air all about my skin takes a turn for the worse during the winter months and requires a little moisturizing treat to turn it around.  I recently went to Sephora and picked myself up the Caudelie Vine Body Luxury Set as a late birthday gift to myself, and I do not regret it.

Caudelie is a cruelty-free brand that continuously tries to improve their formulas for the best results.  Their products are created without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and even phenoxyethenol (a type of preservative).  In fact, they strive to always find better “green” ingredients that improve the skin without risking harm to the environment, animals or us, the product users. In fact, many of the extracts in their product line are derived from vinyards such as their grape-seed polyphenols (a strong antioxidant), reservatrol (a known anti-ager), and organic grape water which soothes the skin.

caudalie lip conditioner

The kit contains my favorite lip conditioner, a wonderful hand cream, and opulent vine body butter. I have been a big fan of the lip conditioner for almost 5 or 6 years now and can always rely on the smooth, creamy feeling balm to soothe my dry lips.  I would say its a perfect primer for lipstick or lip liners also since its not too slick, and stays in place. it has a very light vanilla scent to it that doesn’t offend sensitive noses and at $12 alone, I consider it a little splurge for most.

caudalie hand and nail cream

Next product to swoon over is the hand and nail cream.  The tube is a decent size and will last me quite a few manicures.  I’m terrible about using hand cream throughout the day but definitely indulge while redoing my nails at home.  I absolutely love this hand cream and wish I remembered to use it more! It has a very soft orange scent and absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy sheen behind. It has antioxidants in the formula to keep skin looking young and shea butter to moisturize. This tube usually retails for $15 alone.

caudalie vine body butter

Out of all three products the most impressive was the vine body butter.  I absolutely love the feeling of scooping at bit out and moisturizing all over after a long hot bath.  A little goes a long way and I can see this tub will last me a good amount of time. The butter doesn’t feel like a typical shea butter formula which I usually associate much thicker.  It’s got some slip to it. Almost like a thicker mayonnaise that absorbs quickly.  And as an added note, it’s amazing for foot massages!  My calves and feet felt so nice the next morning after using it and putting some long songs on.  The scent is also a hint of orange which fades once you apply it and I cannot reiterate enough how smooth and soft your skin feels after using it.  The tub of butter retails for $34 alone on their site but I can see that this tub is even a little bit bigger than one is listed on the site!

caudalie vine luxury set iliketotalkalot

This entire set retails for $34 which I think is an amazing price considering the body butter alone retails for that! You are essentially getting the hand cream and lip conditioner for free which is awesome in my book.

I’d love to try more products from Caudalie but haven’t only gotten this far as of yet.  If I could ask Santa for anything it would be the Instant Radiance set or the Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel mask.  If you could ask Santa for anything, what would you ask for?