Summer Fishnet Nails! #manicure #nails #loreal

Good morning beauties!  How nice was it to have a day off? Whoo hoo, I loooved it.  Sigh, reminds me of the days of working from home and having my little Sam Dog at my side all day long.  Gotta make that dolla though, haha.

Anyways, new mani for you guys, the Summer Fishnet .  I’m so happy it’s summer and I can wear bright colors all the time.  This time I did L’oreal’s Tangerine Crush with some fishnet nail art on top (in fuschia).  The fishnets were done with  an unknown brand of stripping polish.  my mom got it for me somewhere and I finally used it.

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Endless Summer Themed manicure

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 5 iliketotalkalot

Splatter Mani’s are nothing new to me….just one method of getting to use several colors at once! I’ve always been addicted to bright pinks and love oranges but haven’t worn orange since my teens. I wanted to use a bunch of bright summer colors for this manicure and after it was done it immediately made me think of that movie, Endless Summer. There must have been similar colors used and sure enough….here it is.

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Somebody’s Watching Me Manicure

As soon as I finished this manicure it made me think of eyes:

googly-eyes …. And then that song:

I’m not sure how I feel about the design. It’s a little bright for me but maybe with a different color combo it would look a little better. Regardless, here is an easy nail art design that everyone can do. You may want to grab some toothpicks, bobby pins, or a nail art tool to do the dotting. Choose three colors you would like to work with, a base coat, and a top coat.

sombodys watching me manicure easy nail art1. Always prep your nails before hand with a file to smooth edges and corners. Then apply a good base coat. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail

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Sally hansen Diamond Strength Base Coat2. I then follow with a ridgefiller because my nails have been peeling a lot lately. I’m hoping that’s going to reverse soon because I’ve been taking j.f lazartigue hair vitamins for the past two weeks (admittedly with a day missed here and there :/ ) and I would hope they would help with nail growth as well. I’ll be reporting on those babies later.

j.f. lazartigue revitalizing hair vitamins

Currently taking 2-3 /day. You can take up to 6!

So you apply the ridgefiller to smooth the nail bed. I like Orly’s version.

Orly ridgefiller on top of nail hardener3. Then apply your base color. I choose Essie’s Watermelon, and did two coats.

Essie watermelon

4. Then get your dotting tool ready and a plate to drop polish on.

dab the color on a plate tri color manicure5. Then take your dotting tool and dab it into the polish. Create slightly larger dots by circling around your dotting tool to create a bigger circle. You’ll want the first set of dots slightly bigger so the second set of dots are slightly smaller. Allow your nails to dry for some minutes between the drops because it can get thick if you aren’t careful.

* to make the dots look like eyes instead of “just dots”, place the second dot ( in my case, the blue color near the edge of the bigger (white) dot. Like the googly eyes up above. Do it on random sides so it doesn’t look too much like a pattern.

use your dotting tool to dot nail6. Finish with a top coat to seal the design. Lately I’ve preferred using Seche Vite Top Coat since its so shiny.

somebodys watching me manicure 2

Want to see different nail designs? Just click on the picture above to take you to my gallery

What colors would you choose? Would you possibly use real googly eyes from the craft store? I bet you can make some cute Halloween designs with those! Have yet to master the feather manicure yet–if any readers out there get tips on how to make the feather NOT lift please share!