Endless Summer Themed manicure

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 5 iliketotalkalot

Splatter Mani’s are nothing new to me….just one method of getting to use several colors at once! I’ve always been addicted to bright pinks and love oranges but haven’t worn orange since my teens. I wanted to use a bunch of bright summer colors for this manicure and after it was done it immediately made me think of that movie, Endless Summer. There must have been similar colors used and sure enough….here it is.

endless summer iliketotalkalot manicure

The colors I used were: Sinful Colors “Boogie Nights” as the base color, and splattered Sally Hansen’s “White Out” & “Crushed”, Essie’s “Tour De Finance”, MatteseElite’s “Embrasse Moi” and Zoya’s “Creamy”.

Colors used iliketotalkalot endless summer mani

It’s been a while since I’ve done a splatter mani so it did end up globby is some places, however I didn’t get the dying urge to pee two seconds after finishing my nails so I didn’t ruin them trying to maneuver jeans with wet nails. It happens pretty much EVERY TIME. But not this time, so, Yippee!!

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 9 iliketotalkalot

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 8 iliketotalkalot

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 7 iliketotalkalot

I sealed the manicure off with Seche Vite Top Coat, and did another top coat later the next day for extra luck. I’ve been really trying to use hand cream more religiously so that I can get better cuticles, but I hafta say it is damn hard trying to remember and I have gone through ALOT of hand cream lately with eeeehh Ok-I-guess-they-look-better-results. I always wonder how those other nail bloggers do it. I swear they must wear mittens to work to keep them looking gorgeous. I’ll have to ask how they’re able to type and work and keep them looking so beautifully moisturized and unsnagged. I touch paperwork all day so goodbye moisture.

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 6 iliketotalkalot

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 4 iliketotalkalot

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 3 iliketotalkalot

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 2 iliketotalkalot

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 1 iliketotalkalot

Endless Summer Splatter Manicure 10

So, thoughts on my Endless Summer

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Manicure? Or how to have beautiful cuticles?

C'mon....lemme know what you're thinking...