Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox Review #sunvoxbox


**These complimentary products were sent to me by the Influenster team for my honest review**

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a review for Influenster. Actually, I have been sent stuff every so often, but a lot of it just didn’t give me much to write about. And the last box I received had the same items I already reviewed in the past. Kinda lame…which is why I was surprised when I received my Sunkissed VoxBox. I actually liked everything I got in this box and going to share with you why.

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Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles ($10.99)
These babies are clinically proven to prevent foot pain from wearing our sexy 2″+ heels all year long! Just remove the adhesive and stick into your favorite or most painful pair of heels and feel the difference. I’ve actually purchased these in the past when I literally wore heels 6 to 7 days a week. What? I love my heels!

I tend to get a lot of ball of foot pressure that has started an ugly callous –so these inserts definitely help in helping them from getting worse. Just peel and stick ladies, they are totally worth putting in those club heels you know you’ll be dancing in all night!

Want to know more? Check out more Dr. Scholl’s products by visiting their facebook or website.


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I received the middle one from influenster – I bought the two on the ends immediately afterwards

SinfulShine with Gel Tech ($2.99)
Sinful Colors can now provide nailpolishistas the gel look without the damaging UV curing or removal process. With 32 colors of COURSE your going to find one you like. Another girl got a really pretty pool blue color. I got “set the mood” a deep dark blue. Would have preferred a more summery color, and already saw this display at Walgreens *for a limited time* so I’ll definitely be picking up a few  so I made sure to run and grab a few more. Typically polishes that claim to not be gel, but are gel-like can produce a ultra glossy look.

sinfulshine sinful colors gel tech sunvoxbox iliketotalkalot

Application was smooth, and as for chip-wear  so far it lasted 3 days. Decent, since I switch polish so often anyways. I have my heart set on banana peel, pragmatic, VIP, my kryptonite and yours truly. What color would you choose?

Want to know more? Check out Sinful Colors on Facebook (UK Page) or twitter @SinfulColors_NP

**These complimentary products were sent to me by the Influenster team for my honest review**

olay fresh effects bb cream blended packaging

Olay Fresh Effects (BB Cream!) Skin Perfecting Tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 ($12.99)
BB cream have been all the rage and have paved the way for CC Cream (and soon DD creams) development. Olay’s Fresh Effects BB Cream offers 24 hour hydration with a hint of color. This perfector gives you a little bit of sunscreen, and is available in two different shades fair/light and light/medium. This is another product that I have previously purchased on my own and fell in love. I’ll be honest. It did take a week for me to decide but it became a staple in my routine once I bought it. I even did a glowing review of it you can find here. Because I already knew that I loved this product, I sent it to my Aunt to give you guys second opinion. Her review will be posted soon and will be linked up to this article after it’s done.

olay fresh effects bb cream blended on skin

I love this BB cream because its the right price, it offers a little bit of tint so imperfections are blended slightly. It’s a great light makeup to wear if you just want to go to the market and don’t want to feel bare. Give it a week. I think you’ll fall in love too! It even prompted me to purchase another product from the fresh effects line, the shine minimizing cleanser. Review in the works and will be linked up here when done.

Want to know more? The peeps behind their twitter account @fresheffects are awesome and respond to fans tweets all the time. You can find out more info on their line here. You can also visit them on Facebook to get the latest scoop on Olay products.

courtesy of

courtesy of

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics ($3.99-$4.99)
Goody is a brand I have been familiar with since I was a child. I always buy goody elastics and have tried pretty much all of them. The clear little tiny ones, the super thick heavy duty ones, and even the sporty ones with the rubberized grip. They all work awesome, I only wish they had GPS devices embedded in them because I lose hair ties all the time. Now, they have ribbon elastics which I have seen from more expensive, indie brands. Did I mention more expensive?

I regret to report that I have probably lost two of these already. I wish I took a photo of all of them before I ripped the packaging and then lost them somewhere in the house. I like that these don’t leave dents in my hair when I take it down. I like that it doesn’t cut my circulation off when i put it on my wrist and almost looks like bracelet that belongs there. I wouldn’t recommend these for heavy activity if your bouncing around, it will get looser faster–but for everything else these are all good!

Want to know more? You can find Goody on Facebook and on twitter at @goodyhair

How did you other Influenster’s like the Sunkissed VoxBox? Did you fall in love with a specific item? I think my favorite was the nail polish! I was really happy with this one. All things I use. All things I would buy (again). All reasonably priced and easily accessible at Target and Walgreens. Two places I frequent for beauty buys.

Thanks, Influenster! I give the products and the entire voxbox a A++ and happily recommended all of these.


**These complimentary products were sent to me by the Influenster team for my honest review**


[Review] Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream


***disclaimer: I purchased this product on my own

olay fresh effects

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At this point, I’ve tried a couple of different BB creams that had varying results, none leaving me overwhelmingly impressed. I’ve been doing a lot of drugstore beauty shopping lately and saw that Olay had their own BB cream that was reasonably priced, and right at the counter where I was rung up. I figured I could give it a shot and if it did nothing I could pass it on.

olay fresh effects bb cream blended packaging

Olay’s Fresh Effects BB Cream has broad spectrum SPF 15 with ingredients that improve the skin in five ways: refreshes, brightens, evens tone, hydrates, smoothes and protected. The side of the box details that we get 24 hour hydration and a hint of color, while helping get rid of blotches and other imperfections.

olay fresh effects bb cream blended size

good sized tube too!

I was curious how well the coverage would be and would it feel like I had something on. I wondered if the product was going to break my skin out, and if it was worth the $12-13 I paid for it. After all, I tried a few before and haven’t found one that I wanted to buy after sampling it for a while. My skin has changed a little bit over the past years, but I think I’ve got it in pretty good shape these days and would classify it as normal, but like to stick to products made for sensitive skin. I control acne with Atralin and go on and off from time to time. If I feel my skin getting dull or more pimples, I use it for a week or so at a time to give my skin a refresher. I no longer it daily and hope I wont ever have to again.

 olay fresh effects bb cream blended on skin

I’ve given Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream about two weeks now and I can say that within the first few applications, I wasn’t initially impressed. It looked like just a tinted cream that became invisible as I rubbed it in. My skin didn’t reeaaally look different. It did look moisturized, but nothing spectacular. I knew I could never rely on this for just makeup, it did not cover the spots I have from the sun at all. However, I continued using it as a base moisturizer, right after I wash my face. I allow it to “soak” in for a minute before I move forward with any makeup…no reason really just want to give it a minute to do its thing.

So here we are at the two week mark and I can honestly say that I’ve grown to like this BB cream more and more. I noticed after the 5-day mark that my skin felt like it was properly moisturized at ALL times of the day. It does feel smoother but I just think its kind of weird I feel that so quickly…even when I’m not wearing any moisturizer or makeup at all. My skin feels nice. And I haven’t gotten one pimple since I’ve been using it. Not bad for a BB Cream under $20. I can see myself using this consistently in the future if my skin continues to feel nice like this. The box it right, it really is 24 hour hydration.

Have you try Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream? What did you think?



***disclaimer: I purchased this product on my own