Pink & Glitter, two of my favorite things!

This is going to be a short post, but I wanted to share this pretty mani I was wearing earlier last week.  I’m wearing Rainha from Ricky’s NYC Mattese Elite Carnaval Collection with OPI’s Teenage Dream on top.  These are seriously two of my favorite polishes at the moment; a bubble gum pink layered with pink & champagne glitter!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  My fav’s!  Rainha was sent to me by fellow blogger, Kit from Frances in A Beauty, she does awesome Esty Features on Fridays that have me obsessed with checking out Etsy now!


Raihna went on super smooth and took two coats for full opacity.  The color looks awesome on its on, but I couldn’t resist using T.D in one way or another.  I actually used it on my toes, too! Raihna can be purchased from Ricky’s NYC for 5.99… not too shabby.  Teenage Dream may require some hunting  since its from Katy Perry’s OPI collection from last year.  I purchased it from Beauty Collection the minute it came out.

 mattese elite raihna and teenage dream 4

raihna and teenage dream 3

raihna and teenage dream 2

raihna and teenage dream 1

So, what do you think?  Wanna see some more pinks and glitters?  Check out these other swatches from the Mattese Elite Line!  Samba Enredo and Embrasse Moi.

♥  Claudia

 and don’t forget to visit Frances Is A Beauty when you have a chance!  😀

@RICKYS_NYC sent me another polish! Amour De Ma Vie by Mattese Elite

Hello Beauties!  If you missed my last couple of posts on Mattese Elite polishes , you better catch up because here is another!  Mattese Elite is the cosmetics line created by Ricky’s NYC, a ultra-hip beauty supply with locations found on the east coast.  It includes everything from eye shadow, makeup brushes, and of course, nail polish!

Mattese Elite Nail Polish - Amour De Ma Vie

The glittery creation I will be swatching today is from their Me Amour Collection, and is called Amour De Ma Vie, translated to “The love of my life”.  Amour De Ma Vie is a dark base with multi-color glitters ranging from red, white, and (i think) aqua colored glitters.  I decided to use it as a top coat over a grape purple polish I hadn’t used yet, and it turned out awesome!  I suspect you can get full coverage in 2-3 coats if used alone, but I was itching to use more than one polish (as usual).

I did a tape mani and figured this was a great way to make it into a more edgy manicure.  Likey?

Photos taken in direct outdoor sunlight:

mattesse elite amour de ma vie outdoor 3

mattesse elite amour de ma vie outdoor 2

mattesse elite amour de ma vie outdoor 1

Photos taken in direct indoor light:

mattesse elite amour de ma vie indoor 3

mattesse elite amour de ma vie indoor 2

mattesse elite amour de ma vie indoor 1

I have to say that now that I’ve tried 4 different colors from the Mattese Elite brand (glitters and solids), I’m super happy with their formulas.  I can honestly say that it IS something to gush over.  Very smooth, no clumping, no streaking, nice brush and lasts at least a couple of days before the first chip appears.  Bravo Ricky’s!  I want more!

Amour De Ma Vie can be purchased on WWW.RICKYSNYC.COM for only $5.99; or get all six shades from the collection and get free shipping!  Whoop Whoop!  

Me Amour Collection

Want to see other swatches from the mattese elite line?  Click here, here, and here  😆

P.S that last one is actually from my beauty bloggin’ buddy, Kit from Frances Is A Beauty.  She swatched, I just realized I didn’t….yet :/ Enjoy!