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The Perfect Gentle Cleanser

My skin is always acting crazy, and in the last few months I’ve needed to take a step back and look at what I was using and doing to make it act up so much.  After a big move and planning a wedding I think my hormones went into overdrive and made my skin really temperamental.  I usually liked to alternate between a few cleansers: one that s gentle, one that fights acne, and one that does exfoliation to fight off aging and dull, clogged skin.

I usually reach for Cereve when it comes to my gentle cleanser option but got an opportunity to try DermOrganic Soapless Facial Cleanser.  I have tried many of DermOrganic’s hair products and thought they worked great, so I was more than eager to try their facial products next. What’s great about this cleanser is that it’s 70% organic,  fragrance-free, has no sulfates or sodium chloride (which is drying), and is oil and paraben-free.  It’s formulated with BotaniCollagen, Omega-6, and plant-based lipids to keep the skin healthy while fighting signs of aging and dehydration. DermOrganic is also a cruelty-free company.

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The first thing I noticed about this cleanser is that it comes out thick (much like the shampoo and conditioner I tried), and feels like a lotion!  There is no sudsing or bubbles, but just a very soft creamy feel to massage into the skin. I can even safely remove my eye makeup without having to worry about stinging or irritation. Avoiding irritation is obviously a huge plus in finding a skincare product and I really like that this cleanser rinses clean without drying out the skin.

dermorganic-soapless-facial cleanser iliketotalkalot

dermorganic-soapless-facial cleanser iliketotalkalot

At the moment, I’ve been needing to wash my face close to 3-4 times a day due to my schedule. Normally I’d wash once in the morning and once in the evening, but I’ve enrolled in a boot camp workout class in the AM’s and then hit the gym later in the day for a little extra cardio.  All that extra sweating (remember, wedding coming up!) can easily cause breakouts for me and if I were using an acne cleanser 4 times a day my face would be a hot mess. It would be dried out and bright red. I have made the mistake before of using acne cleansers before a gym session and found a bright red tomato face looking at me in the mirror… so no thanks!

I like that DermOrganic doesn’t cost an arm or a leg, a full sized (8 fl oz) facial cleanser will cost you $25 while the (2oz) travel size is around $7.  I’ve spent more and got less from other brands so this is great. If you plan to try them out be sure to visit their “coupon” section on their website because you may be able to snag a deal there with a coupon code.

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