Original Sprout Baby Products Review

Original Sprout Baby Products review by iliketotalkblog

Thank you to 17th St Beauty Supply for gifting me these products!

Naturally, because I’m a beauty product fanatic I spend extra time seeking out things my baby can use that will be healthy, gentle and effective. My daughter has fine hair, and semi-sensitive skin that requires nourishing products to keep her hair and skin baby soft and comfortable, so when I was gifted a few products from Original Sprout I was excited to see how they would work for her. My biggest concerns for her are: would it help with dry patches? Would it cause breakouts, and would it leave her fine hair greasy or heavy.

Original Sprout review by iliketotalkblogOriginal Sprout specializes in producing an entire line of products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without questionable parabens, nanoparticles, sulfates or propylene glycol.  In addition to that, they steer clear of potential allergy inducing and hormone disrupting ingredients like lavender, tea tree, gluten, soy or dairy components, and made for both children and adults to enjoy.

My daughter takes 3-4 baths a week. I don’t like to over do it, but always make sure she gets a bath after her swim classes to rinse off any chlorine from the pool . She doesn’t need lots of suds, and quite frankly, she’ll try to eat them if they’re there, so I appreciate a formula that isn’t TOO bubbly.

Original Sprout hair and body wash review by iliketotalkblog

The Hair & Body Babywash is delicately scented and comes in a flip top tube so you can easily use it one-handed while handling a baby in the bathtub. We haven’t had any issues with wash getting into her eyes, but I’m relieved to know it’s a super gentle formula just in case some gets on her face. Not all baby products are tear-free, did you know that?  I love a two in one product like this since I keep her bathcare products right at our kitchen sink. It just makes things easier.

Original Sprout deep conditioner review by iliketotalkblog

I love a good hair conditioner but wasn’t sure my baby needed one, I mean she doesn’t have long hair and “deep conditioner” sounded like it might be a bit heavy for someone with barely any hair. But Original Sprout’s Deep Conditioner made Zoe’s hair even softer than it normally is, and rinsed away easily. I kind of feel this is a special treat product to use–not every time, but every once in a while. I think it’ll be great when her hair gets longer and we have to worry about tangles and perfecting a smooth ponytail.

Original Sprout scrumptious baby cream review by iliketotalkblog

After every bath we cover her head to toe with a body cream and Original Sprout’s Scrumptious Baby Cream was a hit in our home.  It’s the perfect time for me to give her little legs, feet and back a mini massage while keeping her skin perfectly moisturized. It smells nice, is non-greasy, and contains soothing zinc and calendula to keep her skin happy. I also learned their formula uses rosemary which helps repel insects naturally which is an added bonus.

Original Sprout natural styling balm review by iliketotalkblog

And for those days when we want her hair (or mine) to look extra good we use a dab of their Natural Styling Balm which helps hold hair in place without a sticky or crunchy feel. I love to do a side part on her hair and comb her bangs to the side. So little is needed to keep that freshly combed look and helps hold my whispies back when I wear a mom bun.

Original Sprout face and body sunscreen review by iliketotalkblogAnd while Summer just came to an end, I do live on the California coast so we pretty much still have bright sunny days that still require sunscreen. Original Sprout Face & Body SPF 27 Sunscreen worked great for both Zoe and I. I can’t stand sunscreen that you “feel” on, and thick sunscreens are difficult to put on a wiggly baby. This one spread easily and rubbed in quickly. The formula relies on Zinc for protection, and didn’t cause any breakouts for me which is a big bonus that both mommy and daughter can use.

Original Sprout review by iliketotalkblogWould I buy Original Sprout after these gifts are gone? Absolutely! In fact, I have my eye on their new Protein Hair Mist and Some other shampoo and conditioner for myself.  Everything smelled very nice and left my baby’s hair and skin nice and soft.

To find out more about Original Sprout you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

OZ Naturals Olive and Jojoba Oil Nourishing Souffle

oz naturals olive and jojoba oil nourishing souffle review by iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog review

Cruelty Free Body Lotion

It’s summer ladies and that usually means a little more skin is showing and it’s gotta be in tip top shape for showing off. Soft, moisturized and glowing is what I’m going for! And even though it’s the summer, I have a love affair with long hot showers. I can’t help it. My husband teases me that he could boil tea with the temperature I use, and I know it’s hot, but feels SO good.

Unfortunately, long hot showers are a recipe for drier skin. Very hot water strips your skin of the natural oil barrier it has leaving with you less than desirable results.  I am trying to get used to luke warm showers but it’s going to take some time. Until then, I rely on moisturizers to get my skin to look like a million bucks. I’m currently using OZ Naturals Olive and Jojoba Oil Nourishing Souffle and totally love the way my skin feels after using it. My husband loves it too!

I thought by the feel of this product it would have some type of silicone in it because it’s not quite lotion-y and not thick like a cream, but leaves your skin feeling silky without greasy shine. It absorbs completely and leave behind a very clean fresh scent and soft-to-the-touch skin. The formula includes skin nourishing ingredients such as organic aloe vera, olive oil, jojoba oil, organic green tea, shea butter, and Vitamin B5.

aloe vera – moisturizes the skin

olive oil – rich in vitamins and antioxidants to keep skin young and healthy looking

jojoba oil – mimics sebum, our natural skin barrier to lock moisture in

green tea – has antioxidant properties to keep skin young while fighting free radicals

vitamin B5 – also known as panathenol, delays premature signs of aging

oz naturals olive and jojoba oil nourishing souffle review by iliketotalkblog

I like to apply more throughout the day to extra dry areas like my elbows and knees. It’s also safe to use on your face if you have dry skin, which definitely happens to me sometimes around my mouth so I slather on a little dab around my mouth and on my lips. And a little goes a long way!

I have really grown to love the OZ Naturals brand more and more with each product I’ve tested. In case you missed them, the Amino Herbal Hydration Mask is the absolute BOMB for facial masks and recommended for anyone and everyone to try, and the Hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin C has treated my skin very well!  I hope to try their exfoliant next!

The  OZ Naturals Olive and Jojoba Oil Nourishing Souffle comes in a very large tube that should last you quite some time applying it all over from the neck down. You can purchase on amazon or directly on their website.   To find out more about OZ Naturals you can find them on Facebook or Instagram.

OZ Naturals Amino Herbal Hydration Mask


oz naturals Amino Herbal Hydration mask Review by Iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog review

I love it when you discover a new product that really makes you think, WOW.  I’ve had the pleasure of testing out OZ Naturals before and was pretty impressed with one of their serums, and luckily was invited to try out another product of theirs.  If you missed my previous review of the hyaluronic acid serum you can view it here.  Today, I get to share with you my experience with their Amino Herbal Hydration Mask.

oz naturals Amino Herbal Hydration mask Review by Iliketotalkblog

As someone with acneic skin, I tend to steer clear of “hydrating” masks as I’m afraid of how my skin my react.  I know acne-prone skin needs moisture, but I usually stick to just serums or moisturizers and use mask for exfoliation or soaking up excess oil. I recently had a facial and was told she used a hydrating mask so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try this one out. Especially since it said it was gentle enough for daily use!

OZ Naturals Amino Herbal Hydration Mask is vegan and cruelty-free.  The formula claims to plump up the skin and hydrate tired skin that needs nourishment.  The main highlighted ingredients are hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.  As we’ve discussed before, hyaluronic acid is a powerhouse ingredient for helping skin lock in moisture and can hold up to 1000 times it weight in water.  Vitamin B5 helps repair the skin so that it works better at locking in the moisture, and Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant to fight free radical damage.  The formula also uses glycerin which is a humectant and pulls moisture into the skin, and includes a variety of amino acids to strengthen the skin while providing anti-aging properties.

oz naturals Amino Herbal Hydration mask Review by Iliketotalkblog

The directions say to use this mask (daily, if you choose) after you cleanse and exfoliate.  Just apply a layer and relax for 10 to 15 minutes to do its magic, and then rinse clean.  The mask is a clear gel and has a slight botanical scent to it, which I only notice when I squeeze out of the tube, but not when it’s on my face.  I apply a semi-thick layer and was surprised to see that most of it actually absorbs right into the skin.  By the time you wash it off, it looks like you have a thin peel-off mask on because so much has sunk in.

The first week I had this product I DID use it daily.  I was so happy with the results on the first night that I wanted to use it again and again. My skin felt incredibly soft after rinsing it away that I couldn’t help but keep touching my face which is a big no no, but I couldn’t help it!  My skin looked hydrated and helped some areas that got really dry from acne treatments I was trying out at home.  Now that I’ve had this product for a couple weeks I lessened my usage to a couple times a week so that I can stretch the product out longer.  After, I dab some of the hyaluronic acid serum to finish out my nightly routine and don’t feel the need for an extra layer of moisturizer.

I’m happy to report this didn’t cause any acne flare ups or appear to clog my pores any further than they already are!  The last thing acne-prone skin needs in products that settle in the pores and create more pimples!

The size of the tube is good at 4 oz. and I expect it to last quite some time. The price is bearable at under $22 on amazon, so you don’t need to “save up” to buy a replacement later on.

oz naturals Amino Herbal Hydration mask Review by Iliketotalkblog

I look forward to trying out more products from OZ Naturals as the two I have tested have been big hits!  To find out more about OZ Naturals you can find them on Facebook or Instagram.