Pome Hair & Body Wonder Serum #Giveaway !

Hi Beauties!  Did you have a good weekend?  I got to go to IMATs for the very first time this weekend and boy did I have a blast!  I’ll be doing some reviews of some things I bought there so keep an eye out for them if you love makeup!

 A few weeks back I did a post about Pome Wonder Hair & Body Serum…and if you didn’t catch it, here is the link to that post.  I was lucky enough to score one lucky reader an opportunity to win a bottle of the serum for themselves to try!

We decided to make this into a more creative type of giveaway / contest by asking for your ideas!  So what do you gotta do to win this serum?

 Click on the photo below to bring you to my facebook page where the contest will be held.  All you have to do is two steps:

 1)    Go to the Pome Pomegranate & Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum Page and “like” them.

 2)  Come back to Claudia’s Health & Beauty Community Page and create a tagline for the company!  NOTE: participants MUST tag the company as part of their response by using the @ symbol.  Their name does not need to be part of the tagline, but it needs to be tagged so we can properly keep track of all entries.  Entries NOT tagged with the Pome Page will not be considered.

 The contest will run from Monday June 25,2012 to Friday June 29, 2012.  The contestant with the best tagline wins! (Chosen by Pome Serum). Remember, entries can be serious or funny, we just want you to have fun with it!

 Now get going!  Cuz your going to love this stuff!!


Claudia C.

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