Smashbox Makeover & Photo Shoot with Planet Beauty

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Last weekend was so much fun and I have been dying to get some writing time in to tell you guys all about it! I signed up for an in store event at Planet Beauty with the brand Smashbox where you get a makeover done by one of their artists and then have your photos taken by an actual Smashbox Photographer, Steven Kahn! How could I pass this up? Makeup? Yes,please. New updated photos with correct lighting and a professionals touch? Sign me up!

smashbox planet beauty event 1

I was told around 120 people signed up for the event. The group ranged from total fashionistas/ Models to older women who just “wanted to take a good photo for their husband” (too cute). I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to arrive..meaning with no makeup at all or what. I opted for using a light BB cream, some concealer and mascara only. I couldn’t bring myself to show up bare faced with under eye circles galore.

smashbox planet beauty event

My makeup artist had really pretty makeup on herself and she asked what I wanted to do. I explained that I was there just for fun and

for the hell of it, lets do makeup that I can copy for going out later that night. This translated into smokey eyes and glossed lips in about 30 minutes. During that time you are given tips on makeup application while they give you a full face recommendation on their makeup line.

smashbox makeup iliketotalkalot

I got to try a CC cream for the first time….love it! I mean I love my Olay BB cream…but lets be honest. I’ve got some dark spots forming on my cheek bones that could use some hiding. This stuff really works nicely. One new trick I learned was using a foundation brush with the CC Cream. After applying most of it with fingers– she then smoothed it all out around the eyes with the brush. Finally! A purpose for my foundation brush, lol.

smashbox cc cream iliketotalkalot

my new favorite makeup product! Smashbox CC Cream

She also reminded me of some old favorites I used to buy myself, like their Full Exposure Mascara and lid primer. One other tip of hers was to ALWAYS use lid primer. Doesn’t matter if you are using eye shadow or not—it smooths the lids and brighten them up a little bit. I took her word for it–and within the week people were asking what I did different with my eyes. I also rediscovered the fact that the Smashbox lid primer is like friggin glue for eye shadow and will make it stay put even after you wash your face sometimes. I needed to pull out the eye makeup remover and cotton pads to get my daytime shadows completely off.

smashbox lid primer

this stuff really DOES smooth our lids and brighten them in my case

There are a few other items she suggested but I honestly was already testing my wallet by buying everything I got. In due time. I really liked this mineralized face power she put on that make it feel like silk.

And here are some of the photos from the shoot. I’m really happy with all of them….I got a cd of about a 100 to choose from and while a handful are of my mid-smile or with one eye open and one closed….I got plenty that are really nice.

smashbox portrait iliketotalkalot 3

smashbox portrait iliketotalkalot 5

smashbox portrait iliketotalkalot 1

smashbox portrait iliketotalkalot 4

I’m hoping I get to do another event such as this one in their near future, it was a lot of fun and the photographer really made me comfortable. I’ve tried doing makeup shoots before and I got all sweaty and nervous and didn’t know how to look natural……this guy told me exactly how to tilt my head and made me laugh so it was way for fun than nerve wracking.

Are you a fan of Smashbox Cosmetics? Want to hear more about Smashbox? Find them on facebook or twitter @smashbox




4 thoughts on “Smashbox Makeover & Photo Shoot with Planet Beauty

    • It was. I hope I can track down more events because c’mon…… WE just don’t taken photos like that on own own. Most of my photos are done with an iPhone in my bathroom, lol. It seemed like a big hit…I would think they would offer this again. If I did get to do it again, I’d wanna go crazy editorial and let them do whatever they wanted just for a super cool unique photo 🙂

  1. I love events like this. I’ve been to makeover events but never had our pics taken professionally. Your pics came out gorgeous!!! (as if you weren’t already gorgeous, lol)

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