More Music For the Soul!



I love going out and finding new music! Last weekend A few weeks ago I got to see Adnan Sharif play in DTLA and it was one of the better parties I’ve been to! Since the party both the boyfriend and I have been all over soundcloud checking out new music. And if you haven’t

heard of soundcloud yet…check it out! You can stream a ton of music through your computer (or my iPhone in my car) whenever I want to. And did we mention free!?!? I manage to pick up new music from some of my favorite DJ’s through there, stuff I’d never find elsewhere!

I just discovered this guy called Greg Pidcock thats got an awesome summery mix that I could listen to all day long. So if its hot….and your at the pool.. play this mix and you’ll feel like your back in Miami for the WMC for a n afternoon.

What kind of music do you guys listen to? What do you put on when your getting ready in the morning or driving to work? Share in the comments below



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