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Tons of things going on lately, and I apologize for being a little MIA. I hope you guys enjoyed the recent giveaways that I helped host. I really wanted that Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder myself! I treated myself to a trip to sephora to ease the pain of losing and admired the new Marc Jacobs Shadow Palette, and picked up my first eye treatment from Clarins. I’m 31 and think it’s time I start doing what I can for under eye circles that are starting to form. Anyways, here are some updates on whats to come on the blog!

clarins eye treatment gel

has anyone tried this? thoughts?

If anyone has tried this or has another amazing eye cream to suggest, please share in the comment section!

Annaliese Body Care is a line of personal products I am creating using organic butters and oils. I’ve been working on formulating some lip products as well and have started doing a few sales to friends. Right now I have a melting Shea butter and Mango-Shea mix that soaks into the skin. I also have a scrub and lip balms in a handful of scents and flavors. Starting your own business is quite difficult to do at times when you already work full-time, but I really hope this can go somewhere big. It’s a passion of mine and I love creating new products. I hope to share more about the process with you guys as I go take on this journey!

omg nail strips

Just tested some nail polish strips that actually work and have fabulous patterns from OMGnailstrips.com. Unlike nail stickers, these strips last long and have a ever growing selection of patterns and colors to choose from. A nail polish that’s applied WITH nail polish remover? Say wha? You’ll find out more when I post the review!


j.f lazartigue review

J.F Lazartigue sent me their Shea Butter Hair Mask and Straightening Gel to put to the test. The luxurious french hair care line treats me to their products and boy do I feel lucky that I get to share them with you guys! I love a good hair mask and feeling the difference it does I just one try. And having fine hair and a few frizzies, I need a good straightening gel for those humid days when hair goes to hell. JFL has wowed me plenty times in the past and I look forward to trying out the rich mask and gel. If you missed my past reviews, you can see them here, here, and here.


Ferro Cosmetics, leaders in the HD Mineral Makeup field have sent me a TON of products to try, including some yet to be released fall shades. I almost fell out of my seat when the package arrived by surprise. These seriously sent me more than I thought could fit in that little white box. Included was a really sweet note from Krissy herself, Owner and creator of the brand. If you haven’t heard of them, you NEED to read my previous review, as well as the one Tovah  from hautecurvywoman.com did for me too!


Greg Pidcock can make me move. Just found this DJ on soundcloud and have been listening to his mixes lately and cannot stop putting them on repeat. I happen to like the house genre of music so if you like that stuff, check him out on soundcloud. And if you don’t know what soundcloud is….omg……best app ever to have on your phone. Streaming free music! And mixes from all kinds of artists that you’d never find anywhere else. Here is the latest he posted. Kinda sexy. Kinda fun. Just sexy house and love it.

im just starting invisalign

I decided I want to straighten my teeth. Again. That’s right. After seeing so many patients (in our office) so happy after doing Invisalign, I have decided that it was time for me to consider doing ortho again, but this time Invisalign and not those terrible wire and brackets I had before. I’m really excited because we even have this device that helps speed up ortho time by almost half! That’s crazy, right? But it’s true and it works.


I cant wait to share everything with you guys! Which post are you most looking forward to? Share in the comments below!




More Music For the Soul!



I love going out and finding new music! Last weekend A few weeks ago I got to see Adnan Sharif play in DTLA and it was one of the better parties I’ve been to! Since the party both the boyfriend and I have been all over soundcloud checking out new music. And if you haven’t

heard of soundcloud yet…check it out! You can stream a ton of music through your computer (or my iPhone in my car) whenever I want to. And did we mention free!?!? I manage to pick up new music from some of my favorite DJ’s through there, stuff I’d never find elsewhere!

I just discovered this guy called Greg Pidcock thats got an awesome summery mix that I could listen to all day long. So if its hot….and your at the pool.. play this mix and you’ll feel like your back in Miami for the WMC for a n afternoon.

What kind of music do you guys listen to? What do you put on when your getting ready in the morning or driving to work? Share in the comments below



Have you see what Smashbox Cosmetics did to me? Check it out here!

Unlock Your Mind and Dance! 4.16.11

Unlock Your Mind 4.16.2011

Unlock Your Mind 4.16.2011

So this past weekend was another Sublevel Party that I generally try to make it to whenever they are in the LA area. This month’s party theme was Unlock Your Mind, as the flyer reads:

“Dancing is good for the soul, can mend a heart, can form a bond,
and can take you to a place where for even just a moment you feel no pain and nothing else matters.”

Tell me about it. I started going to these parties about 5 years back — and it was this DJ (Doc Martin) that I was my first introduction to true underground house music. From the very first party I was hooked! There was something different about going to these parties as opposed to the hitting the clubs out in Hollywood. People were there for the music, and you could tell. Ha, I mean it could be the extasy floating around the room also – :X but people who go to theses parties are just different– and in a good way. Its something that you can feel – literally. The bass is usually enough to vibrate right through your body so you feel everything, it was just a different vibe and crowd. Instead of people trying to look the sexiest on the dance floor, people were feeling’ the music, and I was right there with them. I loved that I could do the same.

Here is video, you will only be able to listen though

And while this isn’t from the same party, it’s a great example of some of the music:

So at this party,

we didn’t want to arrive too early. We actually wanted to arrive just when Doc was about to start playing. That is usually around 2 to 3 am; so you get a red bull and push through to that second wind of energy you have and enjoy the night. I enjoy watching the DJs do their work, especially when you see them enjoying themselves so much. It seems to take an extreme amount of focus to do what they do – how they do – and it’s interesting to see them work and have fun all at once.

The music was great; all new stuff from what I had last heard out in Miami at the WMC event. While a few memorable records were played, I noticed it wasn’t as tribal as the latest stuff so it looks like we got to hear mostly new records that were getting into the mix. Lillia, (Docs Wife, who also sings) did not sing when I was there , but maybe she did before we arrived.

The place they had it at wasn’t bad – but was a boiling sweat sauna going into. Its kinda like a wall of heat hit us when the door opened. It takes a while to get used to, but they could have also put in some extra fans to circulate the air a bit more. Can we say deodorant people? How bout putting on an extra swipe if your going to dance for the next 8 hours? You get the idea.

This party also was a fundraiser for

Uses also. Sponge the so the one such.

the Survivors of the Japan Disaster going on right now, which was really nice of them to add that in for the cause. It was an extra special night for my boyfriend and I because we got to see a lot of out friends – some unexpectedly there who we hadn’t seen in years.

I always look forward to another party and it looks like we’ve got another one coming up at the end of may 😀