Unlock Your Mind and Dance! 4.16.11

Unlock Your Mind 4.16.2011

Unlock Your Mind 4.16.2011

So this past weekend was another Sublevel Party that I generally try to make it to whenever they are in the LA area. This month’s party theme was Unlock Your Mind, as the flyer reads:

“Dancing is good for the soul, can mend a heart, can form a bond,
and can take you to a place where for even just a moment you feel no pain and nothing else matters.”

Tell me about it. I started going to these parties about 5 years back — and it was this DJ (Doc Martin) that I was my first introduction to true underground house music. From the very first party I was hooked! There was something different about going to these parties as opposed to the hitting the clubs out in Hollywood. People were there for the music, and you could tell. Ha, I mean it could be the extasy floating around the room also – :X but people who go to theses parties are just different– and in a good way. Its something that you can feel – literally. The bass is usually enough to vibrate right through your body so you feel everything, it was just a different vibe and crowd. Instead of people trying to look the sexiest on the dance floor, people were feeling’ the music, and I was right there with them. I loved that I could do the same.

Here is video, you will only be able to listen though

And while this isn’t from the same party, it’s a great example of some of the music:

So at this party,

we didn’t want to arrive too early. We actually wanted to arrive just when Doc was about to start playing. That is usually around 2 to 3 am; so you get a red bull and push through to that second wind of energy you have and enjoy the night. I enjoy watching the DJs do their work, especially when you see them enjoying themselves so much. It seems to take an extreme amount of focus to do what they do – how they do – and it’s interesting to see them work and have fun all at once.

The music was great; all new stuff from what I had last heard out in Miami at the WMC event. While a few memorable records were played, I noticed it wasn’t as tribal as the latest stuff so it looks like we got to hear mostly new records that were getting into the mix. Lillia, (Docs Wife, who also sings) did not sing when I was there , but maybe she did before we arrived.

The place they had it at wasn’t bad – but was a boiling sweat sauna going into. Its kinda like a wall of heat hit us when the door opened. It takes a while to get used to, but they could have also put in some extra fans to circulate the air a bit more. Can we say deodorant people? How bout putting on an extra swipe if your going to dance for the next 8 hours? You get the idea.

This party also was a fundraiser for

Uses also. Sponge the so the one such.

the Survivors of the Japan Disaster going on right now, which was really nice of them to add that in for the cause. It was an extra special night for my boyfriend and I because we got to see a lot of out friends – some unexpectedly there who we hadn’t seen in years.

I always look forward to another party and it looks like we’ve got another one coming up at the end of may 😀

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