Habit Cosmetics Nail Polish: Belle De Jour & Sunset Boulevard

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Habit Cosmetics is an awesome nail polish line that I have been totally obsessing over for the past few months.  After spotting them on instagram I instantly fell in love with their bottles.  Square, modern, and topped with a bamboo handle that is wood-burned with their logo.

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What makes Habit Cosmetics different from many or most nail polish companies is that they formulate their polishes with myrrh extract which naturally strengthens nails with application over time. They are also five-free (meaning no toluene, formaldehyde (yikes),formaldehyde rein, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor.  I’ve seen polishes listed as three-free but this is the new improved generation of nail color that excludes these toxic ingredients. They are also vegan and cruelty-free!

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I purchased two colors while they had a sale with cute names: Belle De Jour, and Sunset Boulvevard. Belle De Jour is beautiful beige with subtle pink shimmer and Sunset Boulevard is a dusty blue with light blue/silver shimmer.  Both are equally gorgeous and its hard to pick my favorite.  I do intend on getting a few more for my collection in more brighter, fun colors.  Just look at the range they have below!  I think I’ll be getting Darling Nikki and Sweet Life next.  I love that they include a true color swatch of the polishes so you can see the color in person and not have to guess the finish from your computer screen.

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 The formula glides on easy with brush which appears thin, but spreads out nicely over larger nails.  The thicker handles makes it easier to hold also.  I always top my polishes with a thick shiny coat of top finish for the ultimate shine.  I’d say that this polish also lasts as long as the average polish and gave me a few days before displaying any minor chips from washing dishes or typing.

Belle De Jour

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Sunset Boulevard

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I highly suggest following them on their social media for upcoming sales and swoon-worthy swatches! Have you tried Habit Cosmetics yet?  Are you in lurv like me?  Share in the comments below!

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