Initial Thoughts on Rodan + Fields Micro-dermabrasion Paste and Lip Serum

A friend of mine became a consultant for the brand Rodan + Fields and sent me a sample packet of a few items that really wowed her once she tried them.  In my packet was samples of the micro-dermabrasion paste and redefine lip renewing serum.  Two items I would definitely say are on my “need” list at the moment.

rodan fields micro dermabrasion paste

from Rodan + Fields website

Because they are sample size I cannot do a full three week trial of the products but was able to stretch out the microdermabrasion paste of three full treatments over eight days. The main purpose of this paste is to speed up cell turnover and improve the texture of your skin. The product does have some serious grit feel to it and i was a little worried that it may be too rough even for someone who likes to really scrub like me but caused no irritation at all.  In fact, after the first use my skin felt like velvet. Who doesn’t want that?  As I rubbed the paste in, it mostly felt like sugar or salt in a oil base that really left my skin feeling prepped for foundation. When I looked at the ingredient list I saw it had no oil in it, but was silicone based which is why it still had such a slick feel while rubbing it in.  The product washed away clean and allowed for perfect application of foundation shortly afterwards.

125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz.  $78.00 online 

As a note the packaging and website warn that this should only be used 1-3 weekly at night time, and should not be used on sensitive skin.  

rodan fields redefine lip renewing serum

from Rodan + Fields website

The next product I tried was the redefine lip renewing serum.  My lips are always having issues with chapness and flaking so I was more than willing to try anything that may improve them. The lip serum comes in these super cute little capsules that you pop open and spread over the lips.  The direction say to use an entire capsule on your lips but honestly I didn’t feel that I needed an entire capsule until I wanted to put it on the lips and around the lips and look like I was in a makeout sesh. I was able to use once capsule over three days and controlled the amount that came out by just poking it with a pin instead of cutting one end off. The lip serum is packed with lipids and antioxidants that nourish the delicate skin of the lip and help it retain natural moisture.  This is even better than a waxy lip balm because really all that does is just seal the lips whether there is any moisture there or not.

60 capsules. $54.00 online
There are no warnings with this product, only the suggestion to use at nighttime and after exfoliating the lips which I did not do. #rebel

Out of the two products I see myself using the lip serum the most.  While I loved the results of the paste,  I could probably plow through a container of microdermabrasion paste pretty quickly – MORE quickly than I should. Plus, I really like how the lip serum wasn’t tacky or sticky afterwards. I could probably make 60 capsules last me three times as long considering I was able to do it with this one I received.

After going through the website I saw a whole new bunch of products from Rodan + Fields that I didn’t even knew existed. I thought they just made proactiv but they do have a macro exfoliator device that caught my eye. I just love new devices made for skincare!

redefine maco exfoliator

from Rodan + Fields website

Do any of you use Rodan + Fields products? Which do you use? What’s your favorite?

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