Nourish Your Hair With BRÖÖ

review of broo by iliketotalkblogAs a beauty blogger, I am very lucky to come across tons of new products each day and try to test as many as I can — mostly out of my own curiosity, and sometimes because you guys will ask my opinion on something! When I was approached to try out BRÖÖ I was instantly intrigued as it had a very unique base to its product line — BEER! Say what? Yep. Beer. Well why on earth would I want to use beer on my hair or skin? Turns out it has some great components to it that can nourish and improve the hair and skin without the worry of questionable chemicals or ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

Who knew that malted barley and hops could be SO good for the hair with its B vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants that cleanse, repair and strengthen your mane! In addition to that, BRÖÖ includes their natural alternative to silicones, BRÖÖluxe which further enhances the glossiness which I’m all about! Bring on that shine!

review of broo by iliketotalkblogBRÖÖ covers all showering bases with their hair care and grooming line and does it without including ingredients that make us run the other way! Not only is it vegan and cruelty free, but it forgoes the use of sulfates which can be extremely drying to the hair and skin, along with no parabens, phthalates, silicones or artificial fragrance or preservatives! As a mom, I’ve become even more vigilant in choosing which products end up in our bathroom since my toddler will be around them on a daily basis.

While BRÖÖ has a grooming line that can be used by both men and women, I choose to try out their hair products since I like to switch things up often. I have color treated hair that I try to baby as much as possible to stretch out those touch up appointments, and lucky for me ALL of their shampoos and conditioners are color-safe! Hallelujah! I initially had only planned to try their thickening line, but was sent all three of their options and decided I might as well try them all since I had them on hand!

BRÖÖ Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner If you love minty, cooling shampoos and conditioners then THIS is for you. Talk about a tingle! This is the set I reached for after a sweaty bootcamp session and it’s a real pick me up! I also had to STEAL these back from my husband because he’s all about that pepperminty coolness.

BRÖÖ Moisturizing Shampoo and ConditionerDefinitely a great choice for those of us that have dry or damaged hair since it has Shea Butter in it. It also has a great unisex scent that I loved and my husband wasn’t opposed to! My hair is a bit fine for this formula, but is great to put into rotation every once in awhile for a deep moisturizing treatment.

review of broo by iliketotalkblog

BRÖÖ Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner I had a feeling this would be my favorite and it was confirmed with first use! First off, the scent is my favorite — a mix of vanilla and orange, and second my ponytail did feel a big thicker and fuller after use! Somehow, barley protein pumps up that hair and gives it that extra oompf us fine hair people crave.

I find each line useful in my household! I like using all three while my husband gravitates toward the invigorating line. I may get him the grooming set which has a multi-use wash, a shave cream and lotion. Sometimes the hubby likes a surprise gift left in his shower to try out.

You can find BRÖÖ nationwide at Walmart stores, And for a affordable price (under $8 which I consider a steal)!!! To find out more about BRÖÖ, you can visit their website or give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

P.S Beauties, I’ll be hosting a giveaway with BRÖÖ on my Instagram for a chance to win ALL THREE LINES – so make sure you are following me to get in on it!


Unlock Secrets About Your Skin with HomeDNA

HomeDNA Skincare review by iliketotalkblog

We are often told to look to our moms and grandmas to see how our skin will look as we age, which isn’t always helpful in all situations. But can that truly give you an idea?  Lifestyle and beauty products have changed immensely over the years. What would really help was a truly scientific way to analyze the skin which has been made possible by HomeDNA and their at home DNA testing kit for skincare evaluation.

HomeDNA makes it super simple to get an in depth view of how your skin in regards to seven common skincare concerns. The kit contains cheek swabs to get a sample to send to their lab, and their preaddressed envelope to send back. Within weeks you get a fully detailed report on which genetic markers stand out in relation to: Collagen Quality, Skin Elasticity, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sun Protection, Pigmentation, Skin Antioxidants and Skin Sensitivity. Based on what the findings are, recommendations are made for topical, supplemental and professional treatments and ingredients to add into your skincare routine to unlock your skins full potential.

I was super curious if what I have already been doing was helping my skin and if there were any areas I was lacking in. I’ve never seen a test like this before so I was really interested to see what it would show me.

When I got my results I was really happy to see that it gave a very easy to understand explanation of my results in each category. At the top of each section there was a grading scale bar to let you know how you compare to the global average and why we got the results we did. I was very happy to see I scored very well in others and a bit concerned with the less than stellar scores in some areas. I’m going to include some of my results for you guys to see what kind of info it gave me so you really see the benefit of it!

Let’s go through some of my results and how I plan to use this report!

Fine Lines & Wrinkles – Ok, guys….I don’t know how I got this score but I’m a bit proud that my score was off the a good direction! This category explains how your blood sugar can affect collagen breakdown. Because my gene showed a strong ability to fight this, it had no recommendations on products or treatments to try. Full disclosure: this does not mean I am wrinkle free by any means, but I’m guessing means that if I keep doing what I’m doing they aren’t going to show as much as most.

Sun Protection – I was mad at myself for having less than average skin in this category. My results said that my genes show some variation that can weaken my skin’s own sun protection abilities. While it wasn’t alarming, it kinda was because skin cancer happens and I wish I could undo my tanning oil and tanning bed ways of the past. For their recommendations they suggested some great ingredients I was already familiar with like Ferulic Acid (which I would totally choose SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, and Resveratrol B E treatment because their skincare is top notch in my opinion. For supplements, they suggested Vitamin C (One of my favorites already, and Niacinamide which helps with repair. For professional treatments, they mentioned looking into LED Light therapy which also helps with repair. Overall I am pleased with the suggestions here, and have starting making my wish list for a future order.

HomeDNA review by iliketotalkblog

Skin Sensitivity – I was not surprised to see this was my absolutely lowest score of all categories. Anytime I’ve seen a aesthetician they mention my ‘reactive” skin.

Not only was it low it had some red areas that sets of alarms in your head. After reading them it sounds like my body has an over response to cuts and bruises which can prematurely age the skin and cause bumps, rashes, or rosacea. Which sounds about right. They gave several suggestions to with like using Hyaluronic Acid (check), Resveratrol, and LED Light therapy.

Skin Elasticity – Above average rating! So they had no recommendations which tells me – keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

Pigmentation – this one confused me a bit because I was off the charts optimal, which would mean my pigmentation levels are not too high or low. But I have hyperpigmentation on my face. I wouldn’t say that’s optimal in my book. But since I had such a high rating there were no recommendations for me.

HomeDNA review by iliketotalkblog

Collagen Quality – turns out i’m just average in this category. I’ve got some good genes for collagen repair, but bad genes for making collagen in the first place. There are several recommendations ranging from Vitamin C again, Peptides, and Retinol Palmitate. It also suggested looking into glycolic peels (which I love, but don’t do on a professional level enough) and more LED light therapy. I use a peptide serum right now, but wanted to look for another. This sounds like a good time.

Skin Antioxidants – yay, me!! I scored optimal for my skin’s ability to maintain good antioxidants levels so there were no suggestions for me. I kinda wish they gave me suggestions anyways. I feel like Antioxidants are so important and always want to use or do the right things to keep a healthy level for my skin.

HomeDNA review by iliketotalkblog

I found this test to be absolutely fascinating and helped me build a shopping list for myself to help gives my skin the ability to look it’s best. It covered all areas I’d want to know about (and more), and gives really good recommendations for specific ingredients which really appealed to me. The entire kit will run you $99 and that really includes everything from beginning to end. This would even be a really fun gift idea to surprise a fellow beauty lover with! Some Dermatology offices offer a very similar test, but HomeDNA offers you a more affordable option that you can do yourself or gift to another.

To find out more about HomeDNA and the range of tests they offer, you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Getting Ready With HiMirror Plus

HiMirror Plus review by iliketotalkblogSmart Beauty Technology

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Being a work from home mom has definitely taken some getting used to, but being a work from home mom to a toddler is something on a whole new level! I’ve gotta keep one eye on her 24/7 or else she’ll end up grabbing something off the counter or dancing on top of the dining table! Fortunately for me, the HiMirror Plus lets me centralize where I need to be in the house to make sure that I can get ready for the day and still keep an eye on my daughter.

himirror plus review by iliketotalkblogI’d like to think I’m up to date on technology (for the most part), but hearing that a Smart Beauty Mirror existed was exciting and intriguing. Did I need one? How could it help me? What I’ve come to learn over the past few weeks is that it could be helpful to me in several ways.

I’m a big fan of exploring different skincare products to figure out what works best for me. With the HiMirror Plus, not only can I analyze my skin on a weekly basis in several ways (pore size, texture, darks spots, wrinkles, etc), but I can build a snapshot history of all the skincare readings my smart mirror has taken. And talk about techy! I also have the HiSkin device that helps analyze moisture and pigmentation levels so I can really get an in depth look at the products I need for my skin. This handheld device is just held against the skin following prompts given to you on the mirror screen and it does all the calculations for you.

himirror plus review by iliketotalkblog

I decided to set this mirror up right smack dab in the middle of my home — which meant the dining to open living room space. My major motivation is so that I’m able to get ready in the mornings without worry of what my toddler is doing in the other room. Toddlers can be very quiet and have quick hands and I’d like to not have my house destroyed while “mommy was doing her makeup”.

himirror plus review by iliketotalkblog

Mounting the mirror was easy and setup was done with a quick QR code reading.There is also a stand you can get separately that allows you to rest the mirror on your vanity instead of mounting.  I was pretty surprised how well a mirror could read my hand signals and waves to turn it from one screen to the next. They actually have a remote coming out really soon that give you another easy option to control the mirror. I easily “log in” to my account with a simple face recognition tool with the help of the built in HD camera.  If I choose to keep the mirror powered on throughout the day I get a weather and temperature reading, or I can stream music if I choose.  

Depending on the time of the day when I get ready, I can also choose to use HiMirror’s ambient LED lighting to help me get ready no matter how dark, or how early it is.  I also like that it has the ability to zoom in when you’re really trying to get that eye liner perfected.

himirror plus review by iliketotalkblog

I’m most curious to see what kind of skincare analysis readings I will get in future months as I continue to track my skin and products. I enjoy tracking information like this and seeing where it steers me in the future. I’m hoping it will teach me some things about the products I am using and if I should stay the course or try something new.

himirror plus review by iliketotalkblog

I think the HiMirror Plus would be a fabulous gift for any beauty enthusiast out there. If you love new beauty inventions, getting an in depth analysis of your skin like having your own personal beauty consultant in your home, or want to better understand how your skincare products are helping or hurting your skin, then you’ll want to take a good look at the HiMirror Plus. It does take some getting used to with the hand gesture control, but once you’ve got it, you’re good! Keep in mind they recently launched their new remote control that should make things even easier!  

Right now they have a couple bundle packages that you should know about:

HiMirror + Remote Control: $149 + free shipping

HiMirror Plus + Remote Control: $229 + free shipping

There is a current promo code for accessories (stand, HiSkin, Smart Body Scale) Just use promo code: BCLA17.  To find out more about HiMirror Plus you can visit them on their website.

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