[Review] J.F Lazartigue :Part 2: For The Most Beautiful Hair In The World


I’ve recently been using the J.F Lazartigue Soy Milk Line on my super long hair and have been loving the results (link will be posted below).  I was also lucky enough to snag a review from my friend Melissa who coincidentally was testing out the brand herself at the same time.  We both gave the brands around 2-3 months of “review time” and now we get to hear how the Stymulactine line worked for her.   I’f you’ll remember from my last post, I was using a system made for dry, fine, and delicate hair.  The conditioners restructured hair from the inside out, making hair stronger and with more volume.  The Stymulactine line works a little differently to address the concerns of periodic bouts of thinning hair due to stress or even poor diet.  Healthy hair growth is stimulated by the use of silanols while fortifying hair at the root, building a resistance to hair loss.  Vitamins, amaino acids, and trace elements are targeted directly on the scalp where the root lies to improve hair health.

Sounds pretty good,right?  High tech stuff there.

jf lazartigue tips for hair loss

Melissa had an opportunity to give us feedback on her testing period, lets see what she says!


 I have thinning hair that is unhealthy, breaks away and is just all around the WORST! When I was asked to try out and review the J.F. Lazartigue Anti-Chute hair loss system, I jumped at the chance. What could I lose, right?! Included in the system was the Revitalizing Hair Vitamins, the Intensive Scalp Revitalizer, the Stymulactine 21 Serum and the Stymulactine 21 Shampoo.

stimulactine line for thinning hair

See thinning in areas? Wait until you see the next photos!

Stymulactine revitalizing hair vitamins1

The first thing I noticed about the vitamins is that they recommend you take them 4 times per day which to me was a bit much. Because of this they don’t last very long and I’m not sure exactly how much they ended up contributing to any changes in my hair. So that would be one of the things I would improve on if I were them. It was a bit too high maintenance.

Stymulactine scalp revitalizer1

The Intensive Scalp Revitalizer was super easy to use! And it felt really great on my scalp. It goes a long way if you are careful about how much you use at a time. What I found here was that a little dab will do ya! So I approve of the Revitalizer and I felt like it was really doing something for my scalp.

Stymulactine 21 serum

In addition to the Revitalizer, the other part of the system that you apply directly to the scalp was the Stymulactine 21 Serum. It comes in a small spray bottle with a special nozzle to make it super easy to part your hair and spray it in. Again I approve of it! It made my scalp feel nice and cool and I had the impression that just like the Revitalizer, it was doing something good for my scalp.

Stymulactine shampoo bottle1

The final part of the system was the Stymulactine 21 Shampoo. It smells really nice which I like. And one bottle lasted quite a while which was great in my eyes. What I did notice was that it doesn’t lather all that well. I know that not all good shampoos are supposed to, but for some reason I personally like a good lather to work in to my hair. All in all I did like the Shampoo though and I’ll definitely continue to use it.

2013-01-22 10.05.02

RESULTS: I have to admit, that although I was skeptical, I did indeed see my hair get thicker. I don’t think it helped grow any new hair, but then again I only used this system for 2 months so that isn’t a lot of time for it to work in huge results such as new growth. But I will say that I saw a marked difference in my hair. It seemed healthier and much fuller which really pleased me. I think the scalp formulas do make your scalp healthier and I had less breakage.

RECAP/THINGS I WOULD CHANGE: I would make the Vitamin formula a bit easier to use. Not making it so you have to take so many in a day, and trying to make it more cost effective so you can keep up on them.

I would like to see the Shampoo lather a bit more than it does, but that’s just my personal preference. But what I would REALLY love is if they developed a Conditioner to go along with the Shampoo! I used my own conditioner, but felt like I was missing something by not using a J.F. Lazartigue product to condition my hair as well.

The rest? I wouldn’t change a thing! I really liked being able to experiment with the system and all in all it showed REAL results. I’m very happy that I got the chance to try it out and would recommend it to anyone that has thinning hair who would love to see a real difference in their volume.

Hair lookin' Happy and Healthy! - courtesy of J.F Lazartigue's Stimulactine Line!

Thanks Melissa for your honest review of the line.!!! I’m glad to hear it worked out well for you 🙂  Was any readers out there planning on trying out the Stymulactine line?  How do you feel about it now?  Share in the comments below!

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