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As some of you may know I am already a huge fan of the brand J.F Lazartigue.  I was introduced to this line a few years back and have adored it ever since.  I’ve tried several of their products such as their soy milk line, shea butter line, volumizing line, their detangling mists, and ultra shine orchid scented shampoo! I still have their hair coloring products to try out as well so that should follow within the month.

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I was lucky enough to score a bottle of their newest product, the soothing shampoo for sensitive and irritated scalps and see how well that treated my hair.  I will note that I DON’T have a sensitive scalp, but I do have long, fine hair that takes a beating everyday with heat styling and styling products. What I do think we can all benefit from is the fact that anything soothing is great, and antibacterial couldn’t hurt.


All JFL shampoos are recommended to be used twice per wash.  Once to clean off product styling impurities, and second to actually clean the hair shaft.  I usually wouldn’t do this with ANY shampoo because it leave it dry and ugly, but I highly recommend it with this brand.  Its paraben and sodium chloride free so it will not strip your hair–in fact its really very gentle with great sudsing ability on the second round.

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The soothing shampoo isn’t heavily perfumed, it has a very delicate scent that is just enough to pick up on in the shower, but not enough to stay lingering. Additionally, the product is clear and doesn’t used dyes or colorants to add to the beauty of this product.  It rinses out easily and uses plant extracts to soothe an irritated scalp.

Licorice Root is a very well known anti-inflammatory that is found in many skincare products but I have never seen in a hairline before. The Glycyrrhizinic acid within also acts as a antibacterial agent which is great for those who suffer from more serious scalp conditions.

Reed Extract is a new one to me and took some digging around on google to learn about. It has a wide variety of uses in the herbal medicial field, but in this case it acts as a soothing agent.

Poria Cocos Extract works as a anti-inflammatory and aids in boosting immunity and has been a chinese herb used for ages to calm nerves.  It also works as an antioxidant.

Bisabol comes from chamomile and I’ve seen this listed as a soothing, anti-inflammatory agent in skincare products before. I’ve dabbled with it in the past when I worked in a skincare lab and know its heavily  relied upon for it’s skin healing abilities.

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Combined together these ingredients seem like a great match for people suffering from itching, tingling, or burning sensations that affect the scalp skin by allergies or after a hair coloring session. By using a soothing shampoo instead of a heavily scented or million ingredient product, skin can heal faster and feel more comfortable. Just remember the key word here is soooooooottttthing. And if you’ve got a sensitive scalp, this shampoo is for you!

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This is JFL hair!

A 6.8 fl oz bottle can be purchased for around $30 and only a little is needed each day so it should last you months of use.  I’ve been able to locate their products as stores such as Beauty Collection, Planet Beauty and other boutique beauty supply and salons.  They often host events at these boutique stores for a full hair and scalp analysis so you can find out if the product is correct for you. I had it done years ago and rely on that information ever since!

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JFL hair on a typical day!

I highly recommend you check out my reviews of their other products because you’ll see why I am such a bag fan of the brand and why I have been using it for years.


Just for fun, this is my JFL stash at the moment!

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To find out more about the brand and see when they will be hosting an analysis in your area you can follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or visit their site directly at: http://www.jflazartigue.com









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