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j f lazartigue review

Luxury hair care. Does that speak to you? It does to me. As someone who loves having long hair, there is some time and effort in keeping it looking nice. And while I’m at it, I like it to smell good, work well, and fit into my daily routine easily. If it’s missing any of those three characteristics a product simply isn’t going to work for me. That’s where J.F Lazartigue comes into play. Leaders in the hair industry, keeping your hair and mine, looking gorgeous.

j f lazartigue products

Jean-Francois Lazartigue created his line to treat over-processed hair damaged by coloring, perming, straightening or blow-drying. All cases in which hair needs replenishment, repairing, and protection. This line wasn’t just a shampoo and conditioner line in a new pretty bottle. There was some serious research, observation and science going on to create the line that became famous for being one of the first to incorporate some of the same ingredients used in skincare products that we use today (AHA’s, collagen, vitamins) —and at concentrations that are useful and beneficial to the user.. In addition to that, he revolutionized the hair industry with his hair & scalp analysis. I’ve had it done, and they use this hand-held microscope to evaluate the health of your hair and scalp to give you a personalized prescription for the most beautiful hair in the world.

Hair Princess Mary knows it all!

Hair Princess Mary knows it all! Click on her picture to get more of her tips from the Beauty collection Blog.

This review will actually be from two of us using two different lines within the brand. Based on my hair & scalp analysis with Training & Promotional Director, Ms. Mary Pergoda, (also known as “Hair Princess Mary”), I was given a few products to try from their Soy-Milk Strengthening Line, made for dry, fine and delicate hair. I was sent a whole slew of products to try which included the pre shampoo Soy Milk Strengthening mask, Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo, Soy Milk Strengthening Conditioner, Disentangling Silk Protein Spray and Volume Tonic Spray.  My current hair situation is that its long, it gets heat styled daily, and does not get trimmed often enough. My diet is OK, nothing stellar, but could contribute to my current state.

My friend Melissa, granted me her full and honest review of the Stymulactine line which treat thinning hair and periodic bouts of hair loss. (review to follow!) The Stymulactine line stimulates cellular oxygen while providing all the good vitamins and amino acids necessary for growing strong, healthy hair. Want a shampoo with anti-aging benefits? This is it. It uses silanols to fight aging and improve hair density (think thicker, fuller hair). And as someone who occasionally experienced some hair loss herself, Melissa was the perfect person to try it out. She tried out the Shampoo, Revitalizer Vitamins, Serum Spray and Vials.

jf lazartigue pre shampoo mask

how much I use

how much I use

and I let it sit for a while to soak up all the goodness!

I’ll start by saying that the Soy Milk Strengthening Mask is off. The. Chain. By far, THE best hair product I have come across aside from using straight raw coconut oil. The mask does EXACTLY what it’s supposed to. I first spritz down my hair with the silkening spray to dampen my hair and then put almost a handful on my long hair going from the ends upward. I then go about my way shaving my legs or doing a facial mask while I wait the 10-15 minutes for it to soak in. It’s a very thick mask that absorbs into your hair almost immediately. I felt like I needed a gigantic pump bottle if I was going to continue using this stuff. I’ll explain what the rest of the products did for me, but I’ll skip to the end with this one by saying that it changes your hair 100% for the better. My hair came out amazingly healthy feeling and air dried faster than I have ever experienced before. Air drying is so much better for your hair than blow drying and to see hair that is almost down to my waist dry within 30 minutes of a shower is cray-cray. I used this product once a week and wish I could use it more often. Like liquid band-aid for hair, I tell ya! If your hair is fried and crispy at the ends, you need this. Trust me.

jf lazartigue soy milk strengthening shampoo

Shampoo on the left, conditioner on the right

Next up was the Soy Milk Shampoo. I preferred this shampoo over their Essential Orange Shampoo which was too liquidy for me, and made me feel like I’d pour the bottle too quickly. The one strange thing about this brand is that they tell you use it twice, as in really lather up twice to let the product do its magic. The first lather to remove the majority of dirt and buildup on the hair and scalp, while the second allows a final cleaning while depositing active ingredients where we want them. I personally don’t suds up twice while washing my hair because I’ve heard it is drying and I like to focus on conditioning longer than shampooing while showering. I would use a nickel sized drop of shampoo on the first time and a little more on the second. I still have a bottle and its been a couple of months and hasn’t run out as quickly as I thought. I wash my hair 6-7 days a week depending on if I’m lazy or not, haha, and gentle enough to use this often with no sulfates or parabens.

jf lazartigue makes hair easy to comb

jf lazartigue makes hair easy to comb

The conditioner that I tried NEEDS to come in a bigger size. That, or they need to have a long hair bottle and short hair bottle. Having really long hair comes at a price, you use more product and I thought this would be the first product to go—and it was. Thick, and luxurious, but easy to distribute through the hair, the soy-milk strengthening conditioner restructures my long damaged hair, fortifying it while giving me the shine I expect from a conditioner. Love it. But a gigantic pump bottle is what I need in this product! I used it every time I washed my hair and use more than I would in a shampoo.

jf lazartigue disentangling silk protein spray

The Silk Protein Disentangling spray was actually the first product I use while treating my hair to the J.F Lazartigue experience. I always thought of disentangling sprays as something you use at the end of your bath, like the Johnson’s & Johnson’s No More Tangles Spray? I think I used that up into my teens, haha. This one you actually spray on dry hair before you put on the strengthening mask so that all the active ingredients in the mask are readily absorbed by your hair. I did not use this product every day, but used before and after shampooing. On days when I didn’t do a mask, but felt I needed a little something extra I would spritz this on after my shower to help comb hair hair easier. If you are going to do the mask, I suggest you use this spray first so that everything works amazing together.

jf lazartigue hair volume tonic

Lastly, was the Volume Tonic Spray. I have never used something like this before and will admit that it sat on my counter for a few weeks before I tried it. I just had no idea what volume tonic was going to do for hair as long as mine. Usually anything “volume” makes my hair too heavy with its length and ends up laying flat on my head. After finally dipping my toes in the pool with this product I now understand how it could help me. Long hair can hang flat and boring. But with tonic spray it gives each strand a little thickness (with a thin coat of chitin making the circumference of each strand bigger) giving you that “full” head of hair look. Even a pony tail will appear fuller with a few spritz of this stuff combed through the hair. And a few minutes of flipped over blow drying with this stuff will leave you feeling like your ready to strut your stuff down the boulevard. It’s a small and easy thing to do to give our hair a boost, just don’t use too much or hair will feel heavy.

this is how my ends usually look

**pre jf lazartigue** this is how my ends usually look – yipes. looks crispy, doesn’t it? Check out those split ends.  – __ –

I have been using my J. F Lazartigue for about two and a half months now and love how the soy-milk line leaves my hair feeling strong and pretty. I’d be curious how well the vitamins would help my hair (if I could remember to take a daily vitamin anyways…) Would I recommend this product? I would if you can treat yourself some some seriously good nourishment for your hair. The pre shampoo mask is outta this world and is on my shopping list next time I hit the stores! Not sure if I feel I NEED the shampoo as much as the conditioner but I imagine it works better when used all together. There are a few other products I am interested in too like their color enhancing conditioners which could give my hair a little color boost to my grown out hair.

how my hair looks using J.F Lazartigue products

how my hair looks using J.F Lazartigue products


I love it!

I love it!

Do you have a shampoo, conditioner, hair product that you cant live without? What is it?????? I need to know, like now!

Melissa’s experience with the Stymulactine line is soon to come, photos and all! Sorry folks, didn’t realize my own review was going to be a novella but I do hope you look into the line if you have hair like mine. Just answer these three questions and if you say yes to any of these:

Is your hair fine? Thin? Is your hair heat styled too often? Blow-dried? Curled? Flat-ironed? You need this.

Are your ends crispy at the ends?

Are you willing to put in a few more minutes and dollars into your routine to get gorgeous hair? Share in the comments below!



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