Nudestix Brow Stylus and Brow Wax

Nudestix Brow Stylus and Brow Wax review by iliketotalkblogiliketotalkalot iliketotalkblog review

I feel pretty lucky to bring you a sneak peek of what will SOON be available from Nudestix, the cruelty free makeup brand that makes makeup incredibly easy for all of us.  When I got the email asking if I would like to try out their new brow stylus and brow wax pencils, it didn’t take me more than a few seconds to respond with a big fat yes. And as someone who has very thin, almost bald brows, I could use any help I can in the brow department.

Nudestix Brow Stylus review by iliketotalkblog

The Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus is a retractable pencil type with a triangle tip that allows for thick or thin strokes.  And surprise, it’s also a two-in-one because it also includes a clear brow gel to lock your brows into place after you’ve filled and shaped them. Waterproof, and available in four different shades (blonde, dirty blonde, brown, and brown/black) , I guarantee you’ll find one that works for your brows. It will soon be available via Sephora or beautylish for $24 each.

Nudestix Brow Stylus review by iliketotalkblog

The Nudestix Brow Wax comes in one color, clear to set your brows into shape, whether you want sleek and arched or as Nudestix says lovely Cara’s (im)perfect brow style.  Even those of you out there with thick and unruly brows can use this to seal those bad boys into place.  As with all Nudestix pencils, it arrives in a classic mirrored tin case, along with a pencil sharpener. This also retails for $24 each.

Nudestix Brow wax review by iliketotalkblog

Since pregnancy hit, I’ve taken a few steps back in the beauty upkeep department. Not gonna lie…by the time I got this email to try these out, it was time for some serious brow grooming since my focus has been on the horrible pregnancy acne that I’ve been dealing with over the past 4 months. So when the stylus and pencils arrived I got my clean spoolie, brow scissors, and tweezers out for a little reshaping. I have very fine, almost bald brows, but the hairs are long and need a bit a trimming to help create the arch shape you get from tweezing. If you haven’t used scissors before and find that getting an arch is difficult, you should try them out. It really helps! I didn’t start using them until my 30’s! Just use your spoolie to brush all the brow hairs straight up and trim along the edge of the natural brow, and repeat by brushing straight down. You will totally notice a difference.

After some basic shaping, I pulled out the Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus in dirty blond and started with almost “outlining” my brows to define the shape I wanted a bit more. I took the thin flat edge of the pencil drawing a line on both the bottom edge and top edge. I then took the thicker flat edge to fill in my shape with a few short upward strokes closer to the inner corners. I then take a clean spoolie and brush upward and downward to slightly soften the look and sealed with the brow gel at the other end of the stylus.

One tip with the brow gel is to wipe off the extra gel (I didn’t the first time) and touched my brows later in the afternoon to feel a crunchy brow!  Just a teensy amount will go along way. There wasn’t even a ton on the spoolie but I clearly forgot this step and felt the crunch.

If you are someone who doesn’t need to fill your bald or sparse brows with pencil, and just need a little help with reshaping, the Nudestix brow wax will definitely be a go to item for you. I will always need to fill my brows so I opted to use this over the stylus and without the gel–I personally don’t think you need to use both at the same time.  I do have some brow hairs that don’t cooperate and love to go in a completely wacky direction no matter what I do, and this wax help tame them into place.

I’m totally loving the stylus pencil, the thick and thin tip makes doing my brows much quicker than with powder and a brush and the color blended perfectly with my own.  The tins all their products arrive in work great for purses, overnight bags and travel instead of big bulky (and dirty) bags being squashed by whatever else in your bag.  Both the stylus and wax are going to be released in October so stay tuned for their store release in just over a week!  To find out more about Nudestix, you can visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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